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my last weekend in NH

my last weekend in NH

I have been considering this image for over a month now. I just loved the lowly little daisy mingling with the Lupines. Sort of a mixed marriage going on here. ; )

This was my last full weekend in NH and with it came some troubling times, and some time with friends.
I spent Friday night in Portsmouth NH with my step daughter and my friend John, "JK" as we call him. I hadn't seen John since last August, at a party in my hotel room in NYC with a bunch of coworkers. (God we had fun.) JK and I thoroughly amused Bri, who spent most of the night covering her face and laughing hysterically, turning red all the while.
Saturday brought me to the last annual summer bbq at Maye's house. The annual event is to celebrate the anniversary of her husband, Jim's, 39th birthday. Maye created her own drink for the event, dubbed The Tornado as a nod to the storm that killed her neighbor and destroyed her neighborhood just a couple of weeks ago. The Tornado came complete with "debris" and a "cloudy sky" and I could only have two of them before cutting myself off. A nice afternoon and evening was had by all, with the kids swimming in the lake, and the adults in hysterics over various stories in the house. I kept sneaking out to the car with Angel and drinking gin out of a soda bottle, and eating cherry tomatoes off of Maye's plants. There was gin to be had in the house, but not the brand that Angel likes. The good news is that Angel comes prepared.
All day we just had a nice time, lots of laughs, amazing steak, great company. I got to see Phil, who plays piano for us sometimes in musicals at the theatre. I didn't think I'd see him before the move. As we were packing up to go home and rescue the dogs (who had been home alone several hours at that point) Maye's face fell. She was staring at me, and her whole demeanor...she just sunk in on herself.
And she started to cry.
Maye said to me, "I just realized...I won't see you again." Maye and Jim won't be able to attend my going away party this weekend. Maye came up to me, blubbering, and embraced me.
A little back story here: I met Maye over ten years ago, when I met most of my friends and extended family in the Pittsfield Players. I was just a kid, not even 19 yet, and I was new to the group and had to start making friends again, which is a daunting task in community theatre. Even though everyone is nice to you, the friendships are established long before you arrive, feeling like an interloper. It can take years to build strong connections in a theatre, even if you're friendly with people from day one. You see the friends and family going to dinners after rehearsals, and you're not on the list yet to be invited. It doesn't mean they hate you, just that you're not in yet. I finally arrived, made the in crowd when I did the show Private Lives in May 2005. Oh, I'd made excellent friends. When Dave was in the hospital the summer of 2004 my phone was off the hook with members of the Players offering help, rides, money, groceries, offers to feed my cats. I knew I had family there, I knew people loved me. But Private Lives brought me a new friendship with Maye.
Maye is an imposing woman. She's classy. She's witty. She plays a mean round of golf. She has devoted so much time, energy, money, and love to the theatre she is someone you aspire to be. She's someone who leaves you wondering how you could ever make a difference, when she does so much. Maye can be intimidating at first. I was always afraid she didn't care for me. But through the months we rehearsed together, just five of us in the cast, Maye and I finally bonded. Laughing backstage about misconceptions over marriage, bad plays we'd seen (don't see PS, Your Cat is Dead though she has a great story about it), the cast member who smelled like dog and neither of us wanted to be close to him on stage. Somehow, over those months, as theatre does, it brought two unlikely women together. Maye is the same age as my father, I am half her age. We have different backgrounds...but similar senses of humor and obligations to the theatre which are seemingly inexplicable. Maye and I became friends.
That fall she directed Annie and was crazy enough to cast me as Lily St. Regis. When I shared the news with her that I had found my dream apartment she hugged me in congratulations. At the cast party that year she thanked me for being Lily. Just six weeks later, Maye was at Dave's funeral, in her mink, with her diamonds, holding me.
Fast forward to February, when I wrangled kids for the first time in her Children's Theatre Workshop. Our night in the limo together to the NHTAs and Gaucho's. Or Maye casting me in the lead role of Rosie Alvarez in Bye Bye Birdie despite the fact that I am the least Puerto Rican looking woman in the theatre. Maye and I have bonded over the last few years and I finally made her list. I finally had in

Frank Zappa at Muhlenberg College in 1969

Frank Zappa at Muhlenberg College in 1969

Frank Zappa smoking a cigarette and signing autographs after a Mothers of Invention concert at Muhlenberg College on or about April 26, 1969. The headliners were the Turtles, who went on first. Nearly everyone left when the Mothers of Invention hit the stage. After the concert I took this photo and the few remaining teenaged hardcore Zappa fans (and their girlfriends) started clearing out. Frank was left sitting on the bleachers by himself. I tentatively approached him ("Hey Frank can I ask you a question?" "Sure, kid") about the cover of the Lumpy Gravy album and the PIPCO T-shirt. He said it was a Little League T-shirt and that Pipco pipe company of Santa Barbara, CA was the sponsor.

kid rock concert t shirts

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